E98 – 55 Gallon Drum

One of the best ways to avoid water in your race ethanol blend is to highly control the production process, and ship it in sealed containers and avoid pumping it out of the ground. SPX – E98 is specifically blended to 98% ethanol + 2% conventional gasoline and it is then sealed in drums that are much more less prone to moisture than underground tanks. You’re not only starting with what you know is a precise blend, you also know it hasn’t been exposed to the elements around it. You’ll see the mixed proclaimed numbers in the range of 100-112 Octane for the E85 used in the new advanced fuel technology and learning the word “Octane” which is used associated with slower burning leaded fuel which helps detonation resistance and allows you to run more timing and/or boost to help serve the build. Not only is it cost saving the Power of Our SPX E98 Stoiches phenomenal and helps with heat soak. Quality matters in your engine when the track temps are at 110* and our SPX – E98 helps your IAT’s to be much cooler.

Shipping not Available — Product Available for Local Pickup Only